“I do what I do because I believe in the power of taking care of each other to make this world
a bit of a better place" 


What drew me to the practice of Traditional Asian Medicine is its deep understanding that our bodies are constantly working to be in a state of perfect health, and that we have the ability to encourage it to find that internal balance from where we can truly thrive.

 Elisa Angelone MAOM, L.Ac.



Elisa has dedicated the past 10 years to helping people to feel healthier and happier in order to live life to its fullest. She aims to make Chinese medicine accessible and understandable by communicating her treatments and diagnosis through a dialogue that is clear and relevant so that her clients can feel empowered.



Since earning her degree and license, Elisa has been treating acute and chronic pain, women’s health, cancer support, liver disease, and post cancer care. Her clinical experience includes working as Assistant Clinical Director to world renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Misha Ruth Cohen where she specialized in the integrative treatment of complex cases including HCV, HIV, cancer care, interferon and chemotherapy support. In addition, she has had the privilege of learning first hand for over 5 years under the close guidance of two great practitioners of the Japanese palpatory diagnosis treatment and style of Kiiko Matsumoto. She has studied abroad in Japan, China and Canada in order to learn directly from some of the greatest masters of her medicine.


Women’s Health

Elisa specializes in holistic maternity support and has undergone extensive obstetric training with renowned maternity expert Debra Betts. Elisa combines her Western training as a birth doula with her expertise in integrative pre and post natal care to best support women through every stage of pregnancy. She has also had the privilege of  working with Dr. Lifang Liang (author of Acupuncture & IVF: Increase IVF Success by 40­-60%) with whom she gained deep firsthand experience in the management of women's health including pregnancy, fertility support, postpartum care, and postmenopausal symptoms.