"The combination of Elisa’s peaceful space, her professional expertise, her calming attentiveness have made a loyal acupuncture client out of me."


"By nature I am a skeptic of most things…

including both Western and Eastern medicine modalities. I require indisputable evidence to believe in the healing properties of any treatment or practice. All I knew, before trying it myself, was that many friends of mine have experienced noticeable improvements in physical and mental health as a result of acupuncture. I was willing to try, but the subtleties and the nuances of acupuncture alluded my evidence­hungry perspective. Until I came to Pinbox!

I was not at all familiar with the art and science of acupuncture when I arrived. It was my very first experience and I was nervous. I did not know what to expect. But I was put at ease instantly. Elisa was incredible. Her deep investment in understanding and improving all aspects of my health was evident and assuring. The treatment was explained before I got on the table. And once on the table I felt completely at ease... and relaxed into the warm, safe, healing hands of an expert.

I could never have known the powerful individual benefits of her treatment before I tried it. I felt a significant energetic release that I cannot quite explain ­ but I think everyone should experience first hand. I would recommend Pinbox to anyone with a desire for vital health and balance in their lives."

Becca Braren

"Finding Elisa was truly a blessing!


I came to her after a recommendation from a friend and I have been nothing but grateful for this introduction. I have been struggling with fertility and Elisa has not only helped me on my journey, but I am confident that when I do have a baby, it will be due to her treatments. She is an educator - while she is treating, she explains what she is doing, why she is doing it, and what purpose it serves; after having tried other acupuncturists, I can't describe how valuable this information is.

She is so generous with her time and guidance and the calming environment of her clinic only serves to further the overwhelmingly serene experience. I can honestly say that I would recommend her to anyone - as an acupuncturist, therapist and friend. Oh, and I'm terrified of needles - but she is so gentle. She is truly a gift!"

- Robin H.


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